Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday prayer requests - Hayley's eye

Just a quick prayer request from us. This morning (5AM) Sylas crawled in bed with us and in the process scratched Hayley directly in her eye. It hurt so much she couldn't open her eye and it freaked me out so we went to Sunnybook Emergency where they actually got us in to see a doctor in about 15 minutes (perhaps the writhing in pain helped get us ahead of the line). Now we're back home with drops, a patch and some tylenol 3. They say it will heal in 48 hours but she has to go back in tomorrow to get it checked. It's not just like a little scratch on the white part it's directly in the middle so the doctor wants to make sure it heals properly. So if you finish praying for the overwhelming needs of the world and have some spare time left we'd appreciate a quick prayer! Thanks everyone

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