Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First pics from the first day!!

Today was Lukas' first day of Grade 1 so I did the typical parent thing and took a million pictures of my cute little boy!! Here are a few pictures of the chaos!:

Ready to go out the door!

The walk (video):

The crowd at 8:30 (half hour early)

The crowd at 8:45 (eek!)

Lukas finds his teacher (video):

Where's Waldo:

Lukas with his class & the crowd by 9AM!! Wow, lots of kids!! (video):

Off to school (Lukas got to be the line leader, which he was sooo proud of):

Thankfully we didn't loose him in the crowd and he had a good first day. There were quite a number of kids and parents from the neighbourhood which we knew, and that helped alot. It should be interesting when Sylas goes for his first day of JK on Thursday. You read that right, kindergarten has it's own first day of school. All the kids in these pictures where only grades 1 to 3!!!

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