Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday Prayer requests - The lady down the hall

Today I experienced one of the most beautiful things a father can experience: Genuine caring and empathy for others from a pure heart, expressed by his own child.

As some of you know Lukas has been setting up a little lemonade stand outside of our apartment. When the weather is hot we travel down and set up shop next to the man who sells vegetables out of his van. The ice cream truck is also there at the curb but Luke's 25 cent lemonade is a much better deal so he usually sells a jug or two in a sitting. We usually have a number of kids buzzing around asking to help or advertise for us. One time a little boy brought some paper and pens and everyone made posters for the lemonade stand.

Each time Lukas makes a few dollars. We have a deal that half the money has to go to saving and half is for him to spend (he usually immediately blows it at the ice cream stand, or wants to spend it on candy :)

Well today Lukas called me. He had a question. He asked if it was ok for him to give away all of his lemonade money to the little old lady down the hall. She is older and lives alone (we have asked some of you to pray for her) and Lukas said he was worried that she didn't have enough food to eat, so he wanted to give her the money to help.

This was an amazing moment to be a part of. I hope I get to experience many more like it.

Please pray for this lady, for Lukas and for the many others that we have not yet met who need help in Thorncliffe Park.

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