Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wednesday prayer requests - The Dan & Jerry show

As I mentioned yesterday we have two fine gentleman/interns/minions staying here in Thorncliffe for the month of July:

Dazzling Dan Carlson (picture right with fiance Pam)

and Jovial Jerry Bolton (picture below).

Today we got them checked into their apartment, they rolled out their sleeping matts and thus began a month long adventure of epic proportions. Like any good summer blockbuster the script of their time here is unfolding as they live and move in our sweet hood. They'll be doing a variety of groundbreaking, mindboggling tasks of heroic proportions (read: anything I tell them) so pray for these guys as they huff and puff and build the kingdom in Thorncliffe Park!! Also pray for more and more folks who will want to move in to work alongside us and live among the swarms of new Canadians.

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