Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday's hot topics - The everlasting Hell challenge!

Our resident heretic on the forum Drew Costen has put a challenge out there to all of us who believe in a real, everlasting Hell:
Demonstrate convincingly that the idea that "those who die without putting their faith in Jesus Christ alone to save them (apart from any works) will end up in a place of torment called hell forever with no chance of escape"
Now, I'll admit that arguing with Drew sometimes resembles trying to wrestle with a greased pig, but he does get us thinking about the afterlife and our eternal destiny. What if hell really exists? What if you end up there? What could you do to avoid going there? What will it be like? Do you believe in Hell? Do you know Bible verses that talk about everlasting torment? click on over to the forum and show Drew your stuff - here

He also raises a counter point in my mind - If we DO believe in Hell....what are we doing about it? Do you believe in Hell? If so then it's time to get warning people!!! So how about it, are you up to taking the Everlasting Hell challenge? Click here to post your thoughts on the forum

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