Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday's hot topics - Church again - Ingredients vs. Recipe

I'm still chewing on this whole 'What is church' topic on the forum - here. Recently someone suggested that there is a 'pattern' or way that church should be done. The idea is that God gave us a sort of 'blue print' and we as Christians just need to follow it and then we will be doing chruch the way God 'designed' it. A recipe if you will. As I thought about this an analogy came to mind that I posted on the forum and wanted to share and get opinions on. Here's how it goes
If someone has an egg, cup of flour, butter and chocolate they could make cake. They could also make cookies. They could make various baked goods. Muffins perhaps.

When we talk about God having a 'pattern' for doing things are we talking about the ingredients that he has supplied (Acts 2:42 stuff are the eggs, flour) or are we talking about the recipe he has supplied us (Acts 2:42 is a cake, not cookies).

I believe they are ingredients. Too often I have seen an insistence on a recipe for cake
Have you seen this as well? Are we inflexible about our style of 'doing church'? Are we so used to cake that we are not flexible when cookies are suggested? Or did God really want us to only make cake? Does God have a recipe for church? Post your thoughts on the forum - here

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