Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday prayer requests - Happy Norouz!! (Persian new year)

Happy Persian New Year everyone! When we lived in Greece I vividly remember attending a Newroz/Norouz celebration held by many Persians who had fled Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Afghanistan. These dear friends in Greece had recently embraced Jesus as their saviour and they were enjoying their first new year as a little church. This trend seems to be sweeping the Persian world. Just recently I received this email:

One of Iran's top Islamic leaders accepted Christ after watching Christian satellite TV for two years. Pastor Elnathan Baghestani, who with his wife provides 24/7 Christian programming into Iran and the Middle East, says the imam contacted Iran for Christ counselors and prayed to receive Christ in early February. "This man knows all the verses of the Koran by heart. After he began watching, doubt began in his heart about the Islamic faith." The man then spent 9 months in prison for questioning the violence of radical Islam. Now, after numerous death threats, he has escaped the country. He believes several other religious leaders he knows may follow suit. While it is illegal to own satellite dishes in Iran, many hide them on their roofs or other locations. Notes Baghestani, "God is shaking the foundation of Islam in Iran." [ANS, 9 March '07]
Pray that many Iranians would welcome the 2007 Norouz (new year) with a new life from Jesus!!

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