Monday, March 05, 2007

More missionfest!

Well the hot topics will have to wait until we're all moved in. Things are going well but we don't have phone/internet at home so I'm blogging here from my parents. I wanted to add a story from MissionFest that I thought was pretty cool. Next to our booth was the Freedom Village booth. Freedom Village is home for troubled teens in the states - click here. Standing there I looked over and saw on the front of one of their brochures the face of one of our old Bridlegrove youth Andrew!!! Andrew is featured on the Freedom Village website - click here to read his story. He used to live down the street until he ran away from home. You can read about him in our Q2 2004 report. When he did run away/get kicked out, he left us his basketball net that some of you may have seen outside of the house at Bridlegrove. This is an encouragement to all of you who are working with kids who you're concerned about. God has a way of finding them. Just pour in loads of love and pray hard. You never know what God will do :)

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