Thursday, December 29, 2005

Parenting 101 - Grinches

Over this past year I've developed a few regular features here on the athensBLOG. The saysings of Lukas (& Sylas), God provides and Random ministry pics are some of the favorites, along with numerous contests throughout the year. Parenting 101 will be a new feature here on the athensBLOG. When I am confronted with a difficult parenting situation, I'll put the issue out there to plumb the depths of the vast parenting knowledge of my beloved readers! Come on you've all wanted to say something to that mother in the grocery store with the screaming's your chance to be a back-! Tell the world how you would instruct the youngsters! Here's the first segment:

Parenting 101: Grinches:

Hayley's family is here and tonight we were watching How the Grinch stole Christmas, when Lukas asked me:

"Daddy, why did God make grinches"?

What response would you have given?

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