Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Indoor gas stations

Pulling up to get gas tonight in the freeeeezing -17 windchill cold, when the thought hit me....why hasn't anyone invented INDOOR gas stations??? I'm standing there freezing to death looking over at the "Mr. Lube" attached to the Esso wondering how come they can't have a drive-in gas station to keep everybody warm, check your fluids, sell you Tim Hortons, etc. I mean so many things would be easier. No line-up issues. Nobody backing up in front of somebody else, no honking, no jockeying for position. Just a straight line in and straight line out. Has anyone thought of this before? Would you go to an indoor gas station? I know I would. I'd probably choose to drive an extra block or two just to get there. Maybe I should give Esso a call...hmmm...don't go stealing my idea on me now, OK! Has anyone else thought of this before or am I crazy?

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