Sunday, October 02, 2005

October loggin in

31Oct05- Mon - 7:30-9:30 - BBC leaders meeting
30Oct05- Sun - BofB (over 70), FBH with 4, Kellz, Cookie, Mickey, Jamoy. Mom's birthday
29Oct05- Sat - Pumpkin hunt with Nikko, Tricia, Michelle, Mina, Carina
28Oct05- Fri - Spoke at LAM christian fellowship, 50 tracts @ MAC, Dominoes with Jason, Josh, Jamoy, Kevin, Tony at Wilfreds (regular youth at Bridlegrove)
27Oct05 -Thurs - read to daycare kids, 50 tracts @ LAM, visit thursday program
26Oct05- Wed - prayer
24Oct05- Mon - admin, correspondence, planning (9->3PM=6hours)
23Oct05- Sun - 10:30-2:30->FBH with 7 (Jamoy, Cookie, Mickey, Kellz, Kevin, Clayon, Rashad[first]), spoke at Don Valley Missionary Luncheon. Evening 5:30-9:30 Markham Bible Chapel evening service, chatted with youth leaders, friday speakers, farewell for McGraths/Shauna-Lee (8hrs)
22Oct05- Sat - Feast with Jamoy, Cookie, Kevin, Clayon - 5PM-11PM (6hours)
21Oct05- Fri - Daycare closed for water repair, Lukas birthday party at Daycare - night: Youth vs. Fellowship of men (33 + F.O.M - 36), Arnie spoke - 5PM-11PM (6hours)
20Oct05- Thur- 9:30AM-4:30PM Hayley nursing course@baycrest
19Oct05- Wed - 9:30AM-4:30PM (7hrs)- installing Bridlegrove computers (internet, Virus scan, network, wireless), 7:45-9:45 Bible study (2hrs)
18Oct05- Tues-
17Oct05- Mon - Hayley's parents arrive
16Oct05- Sun - BofB, FBH with 5 - Kevin, Jamoy, Cookie, Kellz, Deshawn (first time), Shawn's birthday
14Oct05- Fri - youth - 27 (3 Leaside),
13Oct05- Thurs - Read to daycare kids, speak at Awana
12Oct05- Wed - Pumpkin Hunt planning, Hilltop, Bible study (Clayon, Kellz, Cookie, Sebastian)
11Oct05- Tues- admin
10Oct05- Mon - Thanksgiving
09Oct05- Sun - BofB, FBH (7) with Clayon, Kevin, Jamoy, Cookie, Kellz, Noah, Frank
08Oct05- Sat - prayer n share, CRUX planning
07Oct05- Fri - youth (18), John Merrick spoke
06Oct05- Thurs - 200 tracts @ MAC with Greg Gordon (chat with Mrs. Western, break up Chris/Thanusan fight)
05Oct05- Wed - prayer, (event) Clayon, Kevin, Cookie, Stephen to UAC for Hip Hop Hoe-down with Jesse Weeks
04Oct05- Tues - doctor
03Oct05- Mon - correspondence, Q3 report,
02Oct05- Sun - BofB, FBH with 10 - Kevin, Cookie, Kellz, Nathan, Frank, Clayon, Jordan & friend, Jamoy, Nickey. Markham fair with kids.
01Oct05- Sat - 10-9 Wonderland with Jason, Joy, Ryan, Katherine, Mark, Cassie

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