Monday, June 08, 2009

Dead Sea Scrolls coming to Toronto!!

When I was in Israel back in 2005, I had the privelege of swimming in the Dead Sea, visiting Quamran and viewing the Dead Sea Scrolls.

3 weeks from now the Scrolls are going to be right here in Toronto at the ROM - click here!! I would strongly encourage anyone who has doubts about the authenticity of the Bible to visit this exhibit. Often I hear people saying "The Bible has been copied so many times we can't trust it", but the Dead Sea Scrolls disprove that as they are the earliest manuscripts we have, and show that the Bible we have today is the same as this ancient text.

From the ROM website:
Dating from around 250 BC to 68 Common Era (CE), the Scrolls include some 207 biblical manuscripts representing nearly all of the books in the Hebrew Bible (Christian Old Testament). Approximately 900 Scrolls were discovered; some almost entirely preserved and others in fragments. Together, they comprise one of the most important collections of writings ever discovered. The Scrolls are a collection of biblical writings, apocryphal manuscripts, prayers, biblical commentary and religious laws. Prior to the discovery of the Scrolls, the oldest known copies of biblical texts were written 1,000 years later.

The exhibit starts just 3 weeks from now on June 27th so get on down and check them out!

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