Friday, May 16, 2008

My new favorite song - Do you know what you're getting yourself into?

This song came up as my MP3s were shuffling and as I listened I thought I'd blog it with a few comments. I really believe most Christians do barely anything for God because of fear. They are afraid to really let go and abandon themselves to God. Think about it. That's what kept the Israelites from taking the land, when Joshua & Caleb said God could do it. That's what kept the army paralyzed, when David stepped up to kill Goliath. That's what has probably kept you where you are right now instead of following your dreams and stepping out in faith and trusting God.

Fear - 2 Tim 1:7 - God has not given us a spirit of fear!
Trust God! Stop being scared! Make up your mind! Get into the battle! Step out on faith! It's not easy. It's worth it.

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