Saturday, November 18, 2006

Random ministry pics - Tribute to Cookie

A little while ago I posted a tribute of sorts to Kevin, one of our youth group guys who moved away. Now it's Cookie's turn (or as his birth certificate reads "Akeem"). You've heard about him in the past, and how he moved to St. Catherines. Now he's getting his 15 minutes of fame in the local Toronto Observer via my friend and reporter Cassie.

Cassie recently did a report on us and even interviewed some of our youth group guys. Here's some clips from the article, along with the picture above (of Cookie, me, Jamoy and Davian):
Every Friday night the teens are welcome to come to the church to participate in a game of basketball and discuss passages from the Bible. Cuthills goal is to communicate with them at their own level and become involved in their everyday lives...Two Sundays ago we had 13 kids in church, where it used to be three' he said. 'And that is a snowball effect. These guys will be looked to by their siblings as leaders, and hopefully that will impact a whole other generation.'
You can read the entire article - here. Keep praying that as these guys grow in Christ they would continue to impact their peers!

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