Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday's hot topics - Christian "ghetto"?

TWP made a very interesting comparison between the "Christian community" and the "Gay community".
It's enough that we closet and ghettoize ourselves, and that we have pride parades/marches in the street. The numerous similarities to gay culture are getting a little bit embarassing.
When pressed on the issue he elaborated:
But (Generalizing, putting forth the image/stereotype each group is saddled with):

Some Homosexuals__________________Some Christians

-have special symbols____________________-ditto
they can put on their cars to
identify them to others

-march in "Pride" parades__________________-ditto

-enjoy ballady, syrupy, overly_______________-ditto
emotional songs

-are likely to wear t-shirts with_______________-ditto
characteristic slogans on them
which often seem cheesy and
insincere to others

-characterized by a plastic cheerfulness________-ditto
that can seem very fake

-want people to understand that they _________-ditto
are different, and to appreciate and
perhaps even emulate their lifestyle

-feel their way of living makes them special ___-ditto

-want to change the world so it will___________-ditto
conform more to how they choose
to live

-tend to make others uncomfortable__________-ditto
if they start to talk in great detail,
apropos of nothing, about their
personal feelings and views on how
people should live, especially if
there is insufficient relationship
with the person they are prosyletizing

-tend to dress in an identifyingly_____________-ditto
neat and tidy style

-want to ensure the government_____________-ditto
recognizes their lifestyle choices,
and that their chosen lifestyle and
the elements of its culture remain legal

-tend to be self-ghettoized into a distinct ______-ditto
subgroup of society, not mixing socially
with groups that include people who do
not choose to live the way they do

-may find it difficult to confess their__________-ditto
chosen lifestyle to others, who
may not understand

Made me question how I practise my Christianity. Are Christians too ghettoized? If so, is it even a bad thing? Very thought provoking comparison. What are your thoughts?

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