Monday, January 31, 2005

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Aussies are high up on my list of coolest people. Here is an MSN conversation with Dave (click here), who is a youth leader in Sydney:

Session Start (MSN - Shawn:Dave:): Fri Jan 28 17:54: 28
Dave:: Tomorrow (being Sunday here) I'm asking my YOuth Group to donate to GFA (Gospel for Asia -
Shawn: good idea!!
Dave:: basically the leaders are paying for dinner and anything the youth donate goes to GFA
Shawn: that is super-duper encouraging
Shawn: the idea of "native" missionaries is excellent
Dave:: yeah its pretty good
Shawn: have you read KP's book?
Dave:: No I haven't although one of the "blazers" (youth) has it so I think it will soon be on my reading list
Shawn: "Revolution in World Missions" - HERE
Session Close (Dave:): Fri Jan 21:04:37

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