Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Oh snap

Just looking at digital camera's and wanted some input.

Do you have a digital camera? What do you like/dislike about the one's you've used? What camera is your favorite and why?
Please leave a comment below

28Nov04-Sun-Log: 9:30-1:BofB, FBH
27Nov04-Sat-Log: 10AM-at chapel. 2PM-5 e-benji-lism - drop veronica off @ subway. 5-7-doors & michelle ali over.
26Nov04-Fri-Log: 11AM prep for friday night, 12-1 christian fellowship @LAM, 1-2 lunch with scott grieve, 2:30-4:30 50 tracts@MAC good chats with yorgo, angie, marianna, raj, etc. 6PM Josh over, 7PM Sabrina Wu baptism @ First Alliance church with youth, 10:30 home
25Nov04-Thurs-Log: 10AM read bible to daycare kids, 11:30-1PM lunch with clayon, jordan, sabah, 2:30-4 50 tracts@TimE, 6-8: dinner with pakistani family, 8-11: study with maggie/derek
10AM prayer - 1PM catch up on paperwork, rogers,

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