Friday, August 13, 2004

"Kings of the Platea"

What we will try to do everyday is give you a look forward to what we are doing today so you can pray for us in advance, as well as give you a recap of the previous day with pictures and praise!

TODAY: more orientation, evangelism training, siesta, watching & praying through the opening ceremonies.

RECAP: Here is a quick recap of last night with a few names to pray for.
After a day of teaching, praying, crying and singing:


We headed out to do evangelism!

We arrived at the "platea" called "Agios Peraskevie":

Then we went our in our buddies (Melanie & Veronica, Linda & Channa, Paul & Len, Danielle & Hayley) to give out our Olympic info packs which included a "guide to the games", evangelistic CD and greek bible!


Greeks love to chat, so we had many conversations, here are just a few:

- Paul & Len talked to Giorgios & friend, Yiannis & Niko, Older couple, 2 older greek men who spoke really good english,which he nicknamed "kings of the platea" because they just walked around spinning their Komboloi for like 2 hours as if they owned the place :)
- Danielly & Hayley spoke to a pregnant lady "Periskevie" and her husband Chris, who's father is orthodox, but mother is evangelical.
- Shawn talked to Alexious
- Linda & Channa spoke to John
- Sylas also drew a huge crowd
- Melanie & Veronica talked to many people

Hopefully everyone will post about their experiences a little later today.
Well, that's all for now, thank you again for your faithfulness in prayer! The battle is just beginning!

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