Saturday, July 24, 2004

HAYLEY - Everyone's Paid Up

I still can't beleive it as i sit here and type.  Everyone on our team has experienced a miracle.  God worked through the hearts and hands of His children to meet our needs.  As of yesterday, July 23, 2004 everyone has the money needed to embark on our cross- Europe Trek taking us to Greece for the Olympics.  Through hard work and prayer and yes a few doubts we have seen the money come in.  Often in ways we never expected.  Each team member required $4,000 canadian... that's a grand total of $36,000 Dollars in 6 months.  I've seen God provide for things like this before but still I'm blown away by how it's all happened.  From car wash upon car wash to Gospel concerts selling Jamaican patties.  Gifts from friends, family, and people we've never even met.  One generosity I'll never forget is the kindness of the Greek Evangelical Church here in Toronto.  I was brought to tears by their prayers and humbled by their giving spirit.  The support we've received from Bridlegrove reminds us we do not go out alone.  We are accompanied by many prayers.  And will come home to open arms ready to rejoice with us over what the Lord has done.  This whole experience of trusting God to meat our needs has prepared my heart for the even greater blessings that are to come.  Not blessings in the form of money; Blessings in the form of saved souls  and changed lives.  I can't wait!     

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